Our International

Leading the industry for over
four decades, operating
across four continents

With manufacturing facilities across four continents and the support of our sister companies in Elta Group, our customers always have access to the highest standard of care, knowledge and flexibility.

Elta Fans has operational facilities in the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand giving us a global understanding of the HVAC industry and the wide variety of applications that our products are used in around the world.

We have over 25 distribution partners on 5 different continents. Our strong relationship with these partners allows us to ensure that no matter the route our products take, they are always in good hands and delivered to our customers in the same condition they left our factory.

A Truly International Brand

Elta Fans United Kingdom

Established over 40 years ago by two pioneers of the industry, throughout our storied history, we have been at the forefront of the industry. Our foundations are built on a culture of innovation and engineering that continues to guide the company today.

Elta Fans Australia

We have team members specialising in Applied Technology all around Australia and New Zealand. Put us to the test and challenge us to come up with a bespoke solution to your needs. Our team of engineers are part of a global leading company in ventilation and air movement.

Elta Fans South Africa

Offering a range of industrial fans and commercial ventilation products, directly from stock, as well as products for high temperature environments, car parks and smoke extract applications, Elta Fans South Africa is a single point of contact for customers’ building services requirements.

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Our Team

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Our Heritage