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Our own Axial Impeller technology is the heartbeat of many of our products

High efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality cast aluminium, GRP or carbon loaded composite. Impellers are factory set to meet specific customer requirements.

Casing Options

Our standard casing options are either long cased; where the entire length of the impeller and motor assembly are enclosed, or short cased; where the motor body projects outside of the casing.

Long Cased

Standard long cased (LC) axial units have integral mounting flanges with industry standard hole drillings. This feature allows fan removal from inline dust application with relative ease. The centrally mounted motor is wired to an IP55 protected, duct mounted terminal box fitted on the outside of the fan casing, using a flexible weatherproof cable.

Short Cased

Standard short cased (SC) axial units use mounting flanges at each end of the casings. The configuration of this fan allows the rear of the platform mounted motor to partially protrude beyond the flange. For motor mounted ease of wiring installation, an external duct mounted terminal box is available on request. This configuration particularly suits end-of-duct OEM applications or applications with limited space.

Almost infinite performance variations with increased stress capabilities

Increased blade root reduces stress levels which makes our range of impellers ideal for arduous fan applications. Options available for ATEX fans, Smoke and Car Park fans to EN12101:3, and marine to major Marine classification including Lloyds, DNV and ABS.

Impeller Options

High efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers with increased blade chord and twist provides 7% higher efficiency reducing overall energy consumption. This is a very economical method of moving high volumes of air at low to medium pressures.

Diameters from
315 to 2000mm

High Efficiency

Operating Temperatures
of up to 150°C

Standard models up to
1000m above sea level

Standard speed from 2 – 8 pole
with 2 speed options available

Wide range of hub size /
impeller blade

Size Ranges

Select from the 2000 Range, Intermediate Range or 1 Series Range.

3, 6, 9 and 12 Blade Combinations

The number of blades on an impeller can be varied to suit the needs of the application.

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