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Our own Axial Impeller technology is the heartbeat of many of our products

High efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality cast aluminium, GRP or carbon loaded composite. Impellers are factory set to meet specific customer requirements.

High Pressure Casting

Each aluminium blade is cast using the highest grade of aluminium, with each individual blade and hub deburred by hand. Porosity is the enemy of axial fans, if axial blades and hubs aren’t cast using the right combination of materials, pressure and temperatures, porosity is inevitable.

X-Ray Inspection

Our blades and hubs are x-rayed to guarantee the lowest levels of porosity, making it the strongest fan, capable of withstanding higher levels of pressure, designed to outlast the building it is ventilating. Porosity weakens the internal strength of the blade, the blade root and hub. The outside of an impeller can look strong but on the inside of a blade or hub which has been poorly manufactured can look like honeycomb, which can drastically shorten the life of a fan.


Our rolling machines are designed with a four roller system to reduce common ‘flat spots’ on circular rolled casings, which means consistent accuracy on casing diameters, coupled with a casing ejection system to handle even the largest and heaviest casings with ease.


Elta Fans’ processes and procedures in welding are designed around a cardinal discipline to provide consistently straight welds on axial fan casings. Through automated welding procedures, equipment is designed to ensure casing joints achieve the required weld penetration, whilst eliminating potential flange splitting in subsequent manufacturing processes. All casings can be welded for specific requirements with a variety of casing thicknesses and diameter.

Assembly and Balancing

An integral aspect of the assembly process is to ensure correct balancing of impellers utilising high precision balancing machines. These machines are all balanced to JSO 14694, down to a balance level of G2.5 where appropriate, in either single or multi plane tolerances depending on design requirements. Testing is an important measure following assembly of products; our testing facilities and fans are subject to a series of stringent tests prior to despatch.

Post Assembly Tip Clearance

After assembly, the blades are cropped to the required finished impeller diameter. This ensures that the installed impeller blade tip clearance tolerances in the fan casing are maintained. It also means that the outer extremity of the blades for the selected blade angle is concentric to both the impeller axis and the casing periphery.


We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service; our main ambition is to take care of you and your products each and every day. A big part of this service is providing an efficient despatch process that ensures your products arrive on time, in perfect condition on a date that suits you.

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Casing Options

Standard short cased (SC) axial units use mounting flanges at each end of the casings.

The configuration of this fan allows the rear of the platform mounted motor to partially protrude beyond the flange. For motor mounted ease of wiring installation, an external duct mounted terminal box is available on request. This configuration particularly suits end-of-duct OEM applications or applications with limited space.

Standard long cased (LC) axial units have integral mounting flanges with industry standard hole drillings.

The configuration of a long case allows fan removal from inline dust application with relative ease. The centrally mounted motor is wired to an IP55 protected, duct mounted terminal box fitted on the outside of the fan casing, using a flexible weatherproof cable. The casings are made of durable hot-dipped galvanised steel or pre-galvanised steel.

Over 160 Long and Short Cased Models

With a diverse range of design and manufacturing options, as well as a complete range of ancillaries and guide vanes to provide more efficient power consumption, our engineers can develop the perfect solution to our customers’ requirements.

Diameters range from 150mm to 2000mm
A core product range of our business for over 40 years, today our capabilities and reputation in axial fan manufacturing are renowned in the industry.

Alternative Blade and Casing Material Finish Options
We are able to meet applications requirements ranging from the simple wall mounted fan to ventilate a factory building or electrical sub-station, to major applications including marine, traction, refrigeration, car park impulse and induction systems, through to smoke control by pressurisation and extraction systems.

Impeller Options

High efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers with increased blade chord and twist provides 7% higher efficiency reducing overall energy consumption. This is a very economical method of moving high volumes of air at low to medium pressures.

Our Famous AMCA Approved Axial Impellers

Elta Fans range of Axial Fans are licensed to carry the AMCA seal. They range in diameter from 315 to 2000mm and are built with the highest quality materials available on the market. With over 800 different models available, the Axial Fan range can be configured to suit any specific needs and requirements. AMCA International has also accredited the Elta Fans laboratory as being qualified to conduct tests in accordance with ISO 5801.

A Step Towards Sustainability
The reliable long term performance and increasing efficiency of our impellers has earned it an unrivalled reputation within the global HVAC markets and is increasingly being specified on large scale green or sustainable building projects. Our impellers are providing air movement and ventilation solutions across a wide range of industries and are often performing in some of the harshest and most demanding environments.

Impeller Options

Select from the 2000 Range, Intermediate Range or 1 Series Range. Having an extensive range of 17 sizes from 315mm to 2000mm diameter enables wider performance and greater choice for the engineer.

Other diameters are available on request. Impellers are adjustable pitch factory set at an angle to provide maximum performance. Blades can be adjusted to offer alternative performance characteristics.

The number of blades on an impeller can be varied to suit the needs of the application. With fewer blades the peak pressure development is reduced and the peak efficiency point moves to a lower pressure.

Characteristics of the noise levels generally alter as well. By fitting fewer blades there is a saving in cost and, on occasions, a motor with a lower output can be fitted as the lower solidity impeller may be more efficient.

Diameters from
315 to 2000mm

High Efficiency

Operating Temperatures
of up to 150°C

Standard models up to
1000m above sea level

Standard speed from 2 – 8 pole
with 2 speed options available

Wide range of hub size /
impeller blade

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