Long and Short
Cased Axial Fans

Long and Short Cased Fans
have been a core product
range for over 40 years

Ranging from a standard unit to ventilate a factory building, to major applications including electrical sub-stations, drying processes and refrigeration, we are able to provide for a wide array of applications.

Over 160 Long and
Short Cased Models

With a diverse range of design and manufacturing options, as well as a complete range of ancillaries and guide vanes to provide more efficient power consumption, our engineers can develop the perfect solution to our customers’ requirements.

Diameters range from
150mm to 2000mm

A core product range of our business for over 40 years, today our capabilities and reputation in axial fan manufacturing are renowned in the industry.

Alternative Blade and Casing
Material Finish Options

We are able to meet applications requirements ranging from the simple wall mounted fan to ventilate a factory building or electrical sub-station, to major applications including marine, traction, refrigeration, car park impulse and induction systems, through to smoke control by pressurisation and extraction systems.

hub sizes

10 Hub Sizes

Contra Rotating for
High Pressure Applications

Single or Two Speed Motors

Volume Flow Rates from
0.20m3/s to 100.0m3/s

Single or Three Phase
50Hz or 60Hz Supply

Wimes 3.03 Specification Motors
(water industry spec / standard)

Quality is at the Core of
our Fan Building Process

Operating in specialist market sectors such as marine, traction, heat transfer, refrigeration and agriculture, the Applied Technology division of Elta Fans provides standard or modified products, as well as bespoke fans for precise applications.

Our Core Technology
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