Our Sustainability

High efficiency air movement solutions for people, animals and buildings

Everything we do and say, every product we develop and distribute, they all have one thing in common. To provide air movement and air quality solutions in the most sustainable way possible.

Something that protects, saves or lasts forever.

Those are the meanings that spring to mind when you think about sustainability.

The world is currently facing one of it’s biggest global crises. Air Pollution. According to the World Health Organisation, 91% of the global population is breathing polluted air. The burning of fossil fuels for energy is a massive contributor as well as affecting climate change and our environment.

As the impacts of these issues become more prevalent, there’s a growing demand for Greener Buildings. The objective for which is to reduce its impact on human health and the natural environment by efficiently using water and energy, protecting occupant health, improving productivity and reducing waste and pollution.

For any building to be truly sustainable, everything inside it also needs to be sustainable.

Fans have a huge impact on our global energy usage.

According to the International Energy Agency, Electric motors are the single biggest consumers of energy.

There are 300 million industrial electric motors installed worldwide, this figure is increasing by 10% each year.

These electric motors account for approximately 40% of our total global electricity consumption.

Fans account for 22% of the energy consumption, or 8% of the world’s total electrical usage.

Elta Fans realise that there are potentially huge health, environmental and global ramifications of this energy consumption.

Which is why we have been on a mission over the last 40+ years to create the most sustainable range of air movement solutions.

This is evident by our continuous innovation to create and perfect the widest and most comprehensive range of energy efficient axial flow impellers along with the world’s first adjustable pitch mixed flow impeller.

We create solutions that outlast the buildings they are ventilating. That’s why every aspect of our impeller has been designed, manufactures and optimised to last a lifetime. From the highest quality materials, to x-raying every blade for porosity issues, we ensure that they are built to last.

We strive for constant innovation towards sustainability.

Improving health

When walking into a sealed, air conditioned building, the expectation is that the air is clean. In reality indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Often up to 90% of our day is spent indoors meaning we are continuously exposed to high levels of invisible airborne contaminants. Breathing in this particulate matter, if absorbed into the lungs and the bloodstream it has the potential to cause severe health consequences.

Cleaner air

We design, manufacture and distribute state of the art EC Air handling units with high levels of filtration. Filtered Air Handling equipment for both residential and commercial designed to clean and replace the air in the most energy efficient way. Electronic Variable Air Volume diffusers which provide accurate thermal comfort for occupants whilst dramatically reducing upfront capital costs, energy usage and life cycle costs.

Life cycle costs

For a building to be truly sustainable, products installed inside it should also be sustainable, offering the lowest energy consumption and lowest maintenance requirements . This is why we not only manufacture the most comprehensive range of high efficiency axial impellers but just as importantly, our impellers are designed to last a lifetime and require minimal maintenance throughout the life of the building.

Energy efficiency

Many of our fans are so much more efficient when compared with the nearest competitor that quite often we can drop down a motor size to achieve the required duties. This not only reduces up front capital costs but also reduces ongoing energy consumption and carbon emissions significantly. Add to that our globally patented BladeVane technology and the savings are even more considerable. When long term life cycle costs are considered along with the environmental impact, there can only be one choice of Air Movement Supplier.

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Read about the quality of engineering, technology and expertise that goes into making our famous energy efficient axial impellers.

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