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, in buildings worldwide.

We are working towards a more sustainable future by providing energy efficient, sustainable air movement products to our customers. We believe that through education, advocation, and action we can make a difference to the health of our planet, and that’s what the Sustainable Air Movement is all about.

The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level

That is the very definition of sustainability. The pursuit of environmental sustainability requires avoiding the depletion of the planet’s natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Now more than ever we are seeing the impact of human civilisation on our planet. Air pollution is at its highest levels and according to the World Health Organisation 91% if our global population is breathing polluted air.

The production of coal energy is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution globally, with the production of such energy-releasing millions of tons of toxic emissions into our atmosphere every year.

As we try to rectify and reverse the damage we have caused the planet, we are focusing our attention on reducing our energy usage and lowering the demand for coal energy. We are doing this through green buildings and changing the way we design our buildings.

Green buildings and sustainable design focus on reducing the energy and water consumption a building requires to operate. By introducing more sustainable products, we can cut the amount of energy we require and as a result, lower the demand for coal energy, lowering the emissions being pumped into our atmosphere.

For any building to be truly sustainable, we need to consider everything on the inside too.

Fans have a huge impact on our global energy usage.

According to the International Energy Agency, electric motors are the single biggest consumers of energy.

There are 300 million industrial electric motors installed worldwide with the number increasing by 10% every year.

These electric motors account for approximately 40% of our total global electricity consumption.

Fans alone account for 22% of energy consumption or 8% of the world total electrical use.

We aim to create solutions that outlast the buildings they are installed in.

Each one of our impellers are designed, manufactured, and optimised to last a lifetime.

Elta Fans recognises the potential health and environmental ramifications that come from the use of fans, which is why we have been working towards creating a more sustainable, low energy products for over 40 years.

Our range of sustainable air movement solutions include the most comprehensive range of energy efficient axial flow impellers, the world’s first adjustable pitch mixed flow impeller, a comprehensive range of EC motors, all built to last.

We strive to provide innovative technology that delivers the cleanest, healthiest air.

Improving health

When walking into a sealed, air conditioned building, the expectation is that the indoor air quality will be good when in actuality, it is often two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. When we spend the majority of our time inside, we expose ourselves to continuous high levels of invisible airborne contaminants capable of causing serious health issues.

Cleaner air

We have designed a range of EC air handling units built to provide high levels of filtration in an energy efficient way for both residential and commercial applications. Our Electronic Variable Air Volume diffusers provide accurate thermal comfort for occupants whilst also reducing costs and energy usage.

Life cycle costs

For a building to be truly sustainable a building needs to have energy efficient, eco-friendly products installed inside. Elta fans manufacture the most comprehensive range of high efficiency axial impellers that are not only energy efficient by require little maintenance. Our impellers are designed to last a lifetime.

Energy efficiency

Elta Fans fans are the most efficient on the market. We offer a wide range of low energy products for both residential and commercial applications. Installing our products allows for reduced operation and energy costs. By reducing our energy use we are in turn reducing the amount of pollution being pumped into our air by coal energy plants, benefiting our planet.

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