MTR West Kowloon Terminus

Case Study

West Kowloon Station, Hong Kong

Completion Date
September 2018

Elta Fans Asia
Elta Fans UK
Anway Engineering Co. Ltd.

Bespoke 1400mm Axial Fans
Dual Drive Belt Axial Fans
Powerline Centrifugal Fans
High-temperature Axial Fans

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The Project

This stunning building in West Kowloon, Hong Kong is the epitome of first-class architecture and engineering. The curved, plant-covered building is the new terminus for the high-speed rail service and will connect Hong Kong to 44 locations in Mainland China, including Beijing.

In search of the best design for the building, a competition was held by the MTR Company scout for innovative and creative ideas. Andrew Bromberg from Aedas won the competition with the bright, modern design.

Quality and design specifications for the project were stringent in order to meet the high standards of MTR. Elta Fans Asia had a grand total of 2,541 fans specified in the build, all capable of meeting the tough requirements.

The MTR West Kowloon Terminus was officially opened to the public in September 2018.

The Collaboration

The Elta Fans Asia team worked closely with MTR and contractor, Shinryo to ensure the products were to specification standards and improvement plans were performed and verified.

“In order to confirm Elta Fans Asia had the capability to support such a large project, we invited all parties to inspect our Malaysia facility to verify its capacity and performance, all of which were satisfied with the scope of works and performance”.

“We also invited the engineers working with MTR to visit our Elta Fans UK facility and witness us conducting noise and air performance tests. We wanted to ensure that all parties were completely satisfied that the fans meet design, quality and performance specifications”.

“Before the finalisation of the project, we travelled out to Hong Kong to visit the site in person. We wanted to ensure that any last-minute requirements were completely addressed before the project’s completion. It also gave us a chance to deal with any concerns and requirements in a face-to-face capacity,” concluded Wei Lee.

Goh Wei Lee

“Throughout the entire scope of the project, we worked closely with our agents in Hong Kong, Anway Engineering Co. Ltd. and organised collaborated meetings with all parties present to discuss the best way forward and the work that was to be completed,”

commented Goh Wei Lee,
Elta Fans Malaysia’s Engineering Manager.


The project called for high-temperature axial fans certified to EN12101-3:2015, capable of withstanding temperatures of 300°C for two hours in order to comply with regulatory requirements set by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, a specification that the Elta Fans team were able to meet with their high-temperature axial fans.

Hazardous Areas

Powerline centrifugal fans were installed in hazardous areas throughout the station, where explosive atmospheres are present. Centrifugal fans are fitted with motors capable of operating in such conditions safely and can be installed in hazardous areas where ordinary motors are not suitable.

Minimising Downtime

Two dual-belt drive axial fans were installed with one motor designed to be used for active duty and other on standby, ready to take over in the event of a motor breakdown, helping to minimise downtime.

Smoke Extraction

Large 1400mm axial fans fitted with guide vanes were also installed in the station’s smoke extraction system to achieve higher static pressure and improved efficiency and fan performance.

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