Strobic Air

Specialising in technologically
advanced exhaust systems
for over four decades.

Strobic Air Corporation specialises in advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in a wide range of industries to provide greater flows, lower energy costs and decreased noise levels.

Tri-Stack Control System

The Smart System is capable of measuring fan performance to ensure optimum ventilation levels are achieved, never dropping below a minimum outlet velocity stack height, controlled to a static pressure set point in your ductwork. The low energy system can lower your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Fume Exhaust Systems

With solutions available for pollution abatement, re-entrainment, and odor control problems, these energy efficient, cost-effective exhaust systems have been used in thousands of facilities. They are lightweight with low noise levels and a low profile design and modular construction for maintenance-free operation.

Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery ventilation systems that are capable of conserving energy on fume hood exhaust systems. Unique glycol/water heat exchanger coil modules extract exhaust heat for heating or cooling conditioned makeup air. This system is capable of drastically lowering energy costs every year.

Make the switch the low energy, high performing systems today and head to the Strobic Air website or speak with us to find out how you can use these products in your next project.


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