A global leader in extraction
and filtration products for
indoor air quality.

With Plymovent’s foundation focused on polluted air, our collaboration allows us to offer a high quality range of systems and services designed to provide cleaner, healthier air to your workplace.

Welding and cutting fume removal

Built to meet international safety standards, Plymovent products are expert fume, particle, and molten removers that are essential to creating a safe and healthy work environment in all areas of the metal industry. 

Oil mist removal

Systems solutions designed to control oil mist in all environments in order to keep your staff healthy and expand the lifespan of your machinery and tools. Plymovent have oil mist system solutions for any
work environment.

Vehicle exhaust extraction

Extract fumes and hazardous gases with Plymovent’s smart range of exhaust capture and removal systems. Totally automatic start-up and disconnect source capture systems for both existing stations and new design-builds.

Keep your workplace safe and healthy with high quality systems and solutions that are built to perform. Check out the Plymovent website or contact our team for more information.

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