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We are proud to hold AMCA accreditation for our Axial Fan range. Our customers can trust that the performance and testing of our Axial Fan range is accurate and can be relied on for all requirements.

What is AMCA

AMCA International is an American-based non-commercial organisation which independently tests and certifies ventilation technology for industrial, commercial and residential markets. AMCA offers to test on acoustics, airflow, pressure, power, efficiency and testing services through their accredited laboratories.

AMCA is a very popular requirement across South East Asia and India and its Certified Ratings Program is recognised across all industrialised regions. When looking at AMCA approved products, you are ensured performance and testing is reliable and accurate.

Our AMCA Range

Elta Fans range of Axial Fans are licensed to carry the AMCA seal. They range in diameter from 315 to 2000mm and are built with the highest quality materials available on the market. With over 800 different models available, the Axial Fan range can be configured to suit any specific needs and requirements. AMCA International has also accredited the Elta Fans laboratory as being qualified to conduct tests in accordance with ISO 5801.

Diameters from
315mm to 2000mm

Long and Short
Cased Variants

Bifurcated, Plate and
Cased Construction

Belt Driven

High Grade Aluminium Cast

High Power Fan Performance

Adjustable Pitch Axial Flow Fans

Adjustable Pitch Axial Flow Fans

Adjustable Pitch Axial Flow Fans

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