Our Purpose

Elta Fans are the leaders
in sustainable air movement
and air quality solutions

Everything we do and say, every product we develop and distribute, they all have one thing in common. To provide air movement and air quality solutions in the most sustainable way possible.

Our Promise

We’re here to demonstrate that we not only believe in creating industry leading sustainable air movement solutions, but are committed to continuous improvement for our clients and the environment.

By reducing energy, maintenance and up front capital costs, when long term life cycle costs are considered during the design stages of projects, Elta Fans proves time and time again that it leads the way with it’s people, products and services.

Technology that stands the test of time

The Past
For nearly half a century, generations of talented Elta Fans employees worked together to develop one of the world’s largest and most trusted ranges of Sustainable Air Movement products. This has shaped the course of history in the ventilation and air movement industry along the way. The reliable long term performance and increasing efficiency of our impellers has earned it an unrivalled reputation within the global HVAC markets and is increasingly being specified on large scale green or sustainable building projects.

The Present
Currently we are an internationally recognised leader in axial fan and impeller design. Our pioneering technology includes the world’s first adjustable pitch mixed flow impeller. Our impellers are providing air movement and ventilation solutions across a wide range of industries. They are often performing in some of the harshest and most demanding environments. Collectively as a group we are known to be market innovators across five continents. Leading the way with a wide range of Sustainable Air Movement and Indoor Air Quality technologies.

The Future
Our determination to improve efficiency, continual innovation and to expand our range of products for our customers is never ending. Our products and solutions will continue to show their quality, standing the test of time. Future generations of Elta Fans employees will continue to carry out our founder’s purpose and values in enhancing life through air through the ongoing innovation of Sustainable Air Movement technologies.

Team Culture

Beyond structure and systems, any company is a collection of people so unless the culture of the organisation is healthy it cannot ever reach its full potential. Elta Fans is a community where it is every person’s responsibility to uphold the values and take ownership of the culture.

We encourage innovation, transparency and collaboration. Fast communication and innovation has no structure, it is pervasive so individual behaviours or actions which may serve to undermine our culture are challenged through courageous openness.

Our culture and values encourage an environment where any colleague can develop and present their ideas, make things happen and continuously surprise customers with outstanding service and support. We are passionate about encouraging creativity, creating our own intellectual property and challenging the status quo.

We are about creating sustainable environments and it starts with our culture and values, it runs through our DNA. It’s even more pervasive as everyone within the organisation takes ownership by contributing to sustainability through their own actions and innovation.

Sustainably built for life

For us sustainability is not a sideshow, it is at the forefront of our vision and purpose and we can discuss this with great authenticity. It’s what we’ve been doing for nearly half a century.

We have reinvented the axial fan though revolutionary high-efficiency impellers, we build the best fans in the world and we continue to define the future of sustainable air movement with EC technologies, Intelligent Controls and easy to use fan selection programs.

Everything we do and say, every product we develop and distribute, they all have one thing in common. Built to last, designed to perform efficiently, and to provide air movement and air quality solutions in the most sustainable way possible.

That’s why every aspect of our impeller has been designed, manufactures and optimised to last a lifetime. From the highest quality materials, to x-raying every blade for porosity issues, we ensure that our impellers are built to last.

Ethical company with ongoing compliance

In everything we do we act ethically and honestly. This permeates through our group companies worldwide. It is seen in how our employees work, the manner in which we do business with our customers and suppliers we partner with. Our stance on ethical business conduct is simple, we do the right thing with no exceptions.

Elta Fans continuously delivers peace of mind and value to its customers. The performance test data measured within our laboratory is independently checked and accredited not once, but twice, by two different independent international organisations, AMCA and British Standards.

Our axial technology undergoes constant testing, improvement and development. Testing is carried out in strict accordance to ISO, British and AMCA standards. Our Elta Fans laboratory is accredited with AMCA International. Our fans comply to Seismic Performance Requirements NZS 4219:2009

Customers around the world not only trust us because of our people, products and services, they also know they can trust the performance data that we publish because of our proven commitment to our values. If our data says the product will perform in a certain way, that fan will perform without compromise.

Committed to products that reduce the impact on the environment.

Great organisations don’t just drive profits, they lead people. The best change in the course of industries and sometimes our lives in the process. This starts with education.

Products developed by Elta Fans are designed to move air in the most efficient way. They are manufactured to meet or exceed many worldwide energy efficiency standards. Compared to traditional axial impellers the Elta Fans high efficiency impeller can move increased air volumes using less power. We work with designers of green buildings to advise how they can achieve correct ventilation and air quality using smaller, more energy efficient motors. This approach leads to reduced upfront capital costs. Our customers also benefit from significant life cycle savings in energy and carbon emissions for property owners.

The ErP directive is another good example of Elta Fan’s commitment to energy saving technology. With significant investment in products and people, Elta Fans were one of the first fan manufacturers in Europe to comply fully with these stringent energy related regulations. Our team implemented this before the deadlines were set by the European commission.

We strive towards the design and manufacture of increasingly innovative low energy products. Our commitment to the reduction of our impact on the environment combined with our group’s overarching purpose ensures that each day our people and our businesses are always making a positive contribution to protecting our environment.

More about our sustainability

“Everything we do and say, every product we develop and distribute, they all have one thing in common. To provide air movement and air quality solutions in the most sustainable way possible.”

Product selection software and global technical support

Our product selection program is industry leading and is built to help customers in making fast, accurate and energy efficient fan and silencer selections.

The software creates a seamless and efficient workflow from initial selection and comparison of over 850 different configurations of axial fans accredited to AMCA and British Standards. Clients can also select a wide range of mixed flow fans, roof units, centrifugal fans, controllers and sound attenuators. Using the program you can access project scheduling, advanced data and drawing outputs.

Using the Elta Fans selection program ensures customers choose the right products, based on accurate and independently accredited performance data.

Once a fan is selected, built and installed we are there to support the contractor during commissioning. Fan engineering is in our DNA and we will not be satisfied if an Elta Fans product is not delivering the performance promised in our fan selection program or literature. Customers can rest assured what they identify, select and have delivered are all consistent with their requirements and information given through our selection program.

Download the fan selection software

Global standards with products made locally

We aim to keep our manufacturing local as much as possible. This model creates additional benefits such as less travel for materials and parts. The products we manufacture are less likely to be damaged in transit and more importantly our total carbon footprint is reduced.

A local manufacturing policy creates employment opportunities for local people. We have 18 manufacturing sites across the world, serving 51 different countries and employing over 800 people. We are proud to be a global supplier supporting local economies.

Elta Fans operates a design global, manufacture local model with a vision of sustainability across all forms of design, engineering and production. Knowledge and design can be carried out either globally or locally by any of our R&D and engineering teams.

When knowledge is shared, collaboration amongst our teams increases. This sharing of knowledge, technology, ideas and experience across our group translates into world leading product designs and innovation. It ensures global standardisation of manufacturing processes, product design and product quality.

The widest range of products and stock available

Elta Fans offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of sustainable air movement products in the industry. To put it into perspective, our AMCA approved standard axial fan ranges alone cover over 850 size and blade configurations.

We manufacture, stock and distribute a range of axial, mixed flow, roof fans, centrifugal fans, silencers, air handling units, HVLS fans, filters, thermal and electronic diffusion equipment. We also offer a full range of high quality residential systems, fans and accessories. Our vision is to be the single source supplier for sustainable air movement and air quality needs.

Across the world we own 34 distribution warehouses carrying stock of the above products. They serve a global network of over 800 distributors and agents. A high proportion of our range is often available for next day delivery to meet the urgent requirements of contractors and maintenance teams.

Whether you need a bathroom exhaust fan, a complete solution for a HVAC system, working on a multi-use commercial site or require a bespoke solution for Industrial or agricultural applications, our team will have the range, manufacturing, stock and distribution capabilities to meet most challenges.

Privately owned, self-financing with clear direction

Elta Fans belongs to the Elta Group, which since its formation has been proudly independent. A privately owned family company which is steeped in the fan engineering and air movement history.

The group has always encouraged and supported it’s companies to invest in its people and products. It is our independence and freedom that allows us to develop our initiative, encourage innovation and cultivate ideas generated by our people.

We aim to uphold our reputation as industry leaders in Sustainable Air Movement and Air Quality.

Safety first with no compromise

Providing a safe workplace for our employees and products for our customers is highly important to our businesses across the world. All our locations abide to our global group safety standards and incorporate additional local standards set by local authorities. . We aim to improve working conditions, eliminate the risk of workplace injuries and provide an environment where all employees feel safe entering their work area.

We invest in high quality machinery and equipment to support our manufacturing facilities as well as provide training on health and safety for our team. Our manufacturing sites are clearly signed, kept clean, equipment is routinely checked and a safety first culture is constantly enforced.

As an ethical company we value human life and well-being. We avoid putting any of our team or customers at risk and hold to a belief that most incidents, injuries and workplace illnesses are preventable. By committing to a safety first attitude we are investing into our goals for improving quality, customer service and our reputation as a market leading company.

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