Home Ventilation

Your home is just as important
as a big commercial or
industrial building to us.

We endeavour to support and provide a residential range of fans with enhanced design ideas that offer features and benefits to meet the strenuous demands of modern life in the home.

Our residential sector: Elta Trade

Elta Trade are the residential arm of Elta Fans Asia, who’s mission is to support you with the best ventilation solutions for your needs.

We will help you select the right fan for the job from the beginning, whether for your home, office or large warehouse.

We can also assist with installation, maintenance and our products are available exclusively through our network of stockists across Asia to support you on a local level.

Your support team

Our team of Ventilation Specialists provide ventilation solutions to the doorstep of our customers. They talk fans, but in a language you can understand and a sales support service you can rely on.

The team works with ‘out of the box’ products, typically found on the shelf of an electrical or hardware store.

We have built our relationships with our customers on reliable, high performing products and industry knowledge that sets us apart from the rest.

We stand by our products

Behind our products are the highest industry standards and market leading warranties.

Nothing leaves our factories without upholding our globally renowned standards, we never compromise our reputation or your trust.

We want our customers to remember us for our expertise, passion and knowledge in air movement.

If you want to view our range of residential products, become a stockist or locate your nearest store, visit us at www.eltatrade.asia.

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